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Find out more about the Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is a different treatment method that blends methods of acupressure along with Indian Ayurvedic rules and guided yoga postures. The term "Thai Massage" first used the concept of Shenlines (also called body-line, meridians like chinet, yin/yang, yang-shou, or yin/yang). They are very simi…

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Physiological Effect of Sports Massage

Sports massage is a kind of massage therapy that concentrates on specific areas of the body. It relies on pressure to ease muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and increase flexibility. This type of therapeutic massage also examines how certain activities affect specific muscles, ten…

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Prenatal Massage - The Many Benefits

Prenatal massage can be a wonderful method of massage therapy. It is specifically designed for pregnant women during the beginning and later stage of pregnancy. Maternity massages can enhance the entire maternity care regimen or be used as part of a regular maternity routine. The great thing about u…

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy The Body

Deep tissue massage involves targeted manipulation of the soft tissues within the human body. Techniques for deep tissue massage typically involve the use of the fingers of hands, fingers or elbows. Knees, elbows knuckles, or even with a handheld device. It is intended to ease tension in soft tissue…

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What the Best Contents Notes Truth About Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a type of massage that uses pressure to the very specific knots in skin. Most frequently utilised in the treatment of sports injuries, Trigger point therapy may also be used to relieve pain caused by muscular strain and anxiety. Trigger point therapy has existed for centurie…

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